The Future of Cities + Mobility

We are currently experiencing unprecedented levels of urban growth.



Cities are swelling, small towns are growing into medium cities, and large urban centers are evolving into even larger metropolises.



Mobility becomes greatly impaired when our cities and transportation systems are not ready for this explosion of growth.



Conventional transportation contributes to and catalyzes environmental problems while relying on nonrenewable energy sources.

We love big challenges and see these urbanization quandaries as opportunities to craft innovative and sustainable solutions that meld technology with practical human-centered and behavioral design, and scooters are just the beginning.


We are passionate about increasing quality of life through improving the modalities in which we navigate the world around us.

We believe in improving the work + life + play balance of urban living by increasing the efficiency of travel and giving back to our community their most precious resource: time.

Urban life is challenging, but when it comes to getting around, we want you to breeze on by.